Books in print are available through all good bookshops as well as online from Amazon and Hive. Hive gives a percentage of the book price to an independent bookshop of your choice. All the Lighthouse Keeper books have been illustrated by David.

List of books

Published by Scholastic UK

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

LightKeep_Lunch40th (1).jpg

Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr. Grinling. At night time he lived in a small white cottage perched high on the cliffs. In the day time he rowed out to his lighthouse on the rocks to clean and polish the light.
ISBN 978 1 407 159 66 9

Every now and then a book appears which seems to have an almost breathtaking number of successful ingredients. Such a book is ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.
— Babies Need Books’ by Dorothy Butler 1980; The Esther Glen Award for Best Book of the Year: New Zealand 1978

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe

In which Mr.Grinling locks Hamish the cat in the lighthouse by mistake.
ISBN 978 1 407144 39 9

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue

In which Mr. Grinling keeps falling asleep in the wrong places with disastrous results.
ISBN 978 1 407144 37 5

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

In which the boat floats away and the Grinlings are stranded. How will they get home?
ISBN 978 1 407143 76 7

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat

In which Hamish the cat runs away from home.
ISBN 9781407143 75 0  

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Breakfast

In which the lighthouse celebrates a birthday and the Grinlings have trouble with some pirates.
ISBN 978 1 407144 38 2

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Tea

In which Mr. Grinling enjoys a new pastime with the help of some sharks.
ISBN 978 1 407144 36 8

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas

In which Mr. Grinling and family celebrate a stormy Christmas in the lighthouse
ISBN 978 1 407144 40 5

Musical Play

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, a musical play for children adapted from the original by David Wood. 
Performance Pack: Piano/vocal score, Script, Audio CD with rehearsal and performance tracks
Published by Josef Weinberger.
ISMNM 570056392
ISBN 790570056392

Resources for Teachers:

Read and Respond: book of ideas for writing and other activities based on ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch', available from Scholastic UK.


Other Titles 

I have written some books that have been illustrated by other wonderful illustrators. Many of these titles, as well as some of the Lighthouse Keeper books, have been published in other countries: Greece, Spain and Catalonia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey, France, Sweden, Iran, Israel, China, Germany, Denmark and the United States.


A New Home for a Pirate

ANewHomeforaPirate (1).jpg

Published by Puffin.
A New Home for a Pirate.
Illustrated by Holly Swain.
ISBN 9780141500256 PB 

Jed is a pirate but he doesn’t enjoy it. He often feels seasick and he’s fed up with bobbing about on the rollicking, rolling sea.

A play of the above book is available from Presented by Julia Donaldson

Small Knight and George


Published by Orchard Books
Illustrated by Arthur Robins
ISBN 9781846163777

Small Knight doesn’t want to fight a dragon, he wants to play kick-a-ball with his friends. But fighting fierce dragons is a job for brave knights according to Small Knight’s father.

This picture-storybook could well reach a wide audience. The exuberant illustrations are fun as is the nonsense of the well-told storyline which is likely to make many friends.
— School Librarian
Just a fantastic children’s book
— Bookbag

Small Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake


Illustrated by Arthur Robins.
ISBN 9781846169137
HB 2008 PB 2009

King Wildred the Wonderful and the Queen are coming to tea. Everyone is invited…except the brigands who are rather cross and extremely hungry.

This hilarious sequel sees our brave knight and his trusty dragon off on another quest.
— Camarthen Journal
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and my son was a completely rapt audience. Sweet characters and beautiful illustrations.
— Bookbag

Small Knight and George and the Pirates


Illustrated by Arthur Robins
ISBN 978 1 408312 74 2

The castle is falling to pieces but King Wildred and the Queen have run out of money. Can Small Knight and George help in any way?


A Very Strange Creature

Illustrated by Layn Marlow
ISBN 978 1 408301 86 9

Shortlisted for the Red House Book Award 2011
Winner of the Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2013

Monkey sees it first. A very strange creature in a basket. But none of the animals know what it is.  Lion asks but does he get it right?

Lovely feel-good story with clear and simple pictures for the younger reader.
— Bournemouth Echo
Perfect reading for toddlers with a new baby in the house.
— Junior Resources

The Jungle Bungle Bedtime Kiss (with TOUCH -AND-FEEL SURPRISES)


Illustrated by Edward Eaves
ISBN9781407105 49 9

It’s night time for the baby animals but the mothers’ bedtime kisses are going astray.

A gorgeous bedtime story which is lovely to read for adult and child alike. Highly recommended.’
— H. Scholes, Amazon

A Mighty Bitey Creature

A Mighty Bitey Creature (2).jpg

Published by Walker Books
Illustrated by Nikki Dyson
ISBN 978 1 4063 7798 9

Something MASSIVELY MIGHTY with super-duper, ship-shape-sharp bitey teeth is biting the animals’ bottoms and they are scared. They must find Lion because he’ll know what to do.

The illustrations are vibrant, funny and really beautiful to look at. The writing is witty, with fun elements to make the reading more exciting. An excellent picture book, highly recommended.
— Lovereading 4Kids


Out of print

Some of these titles written by me can still be found through Amazon or at ABE

Don’t Forget Matilda

Grandma Goes Shopping

One Moonlit Night

The Bossing of Josie 

When Dad did the Washing

A Quarrel of Koalas published as Harry Hates Shopping in USA

Flora and the Strawberry Red Birthday Party now included  in ‘The Puffin Treasury of New Zealand Children’s Stories’  Volume Three

Queen of the Night listed for the Kate Greenaway Award 2001

Wave the Flag and Blow the Whistle -Illustrated by Andrew Gordon