All About the Lighthouse Keeper

All about the Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper books, written by me, with glorious illustrations by my husband, David, are all now published by Scholastic Children’s Books and available in paperback through all good bookshops and

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch
“Every now and then a book appears that seems to have an almost breathtaking number of successful ingredients. Such a book is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.”
From ‘Babies Need Books’ by Dorothy Butler 1980

Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr. Grinling. At night time he lived in a small white cottage perched high on the cliffs. In the day time he rowed out to his lighthouse to clean and polish the light.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch
ISBN 9781407103150
In which Mr. Grinling gets his lunch in a most peculiar way

The Esther Glen Award for Best Book of the Year: New Zealand 1978.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe
ISBN 9781407106502

In which Mr.Grinling locks Hamish the cat in the lighthouse by mistake. He must find another key or he won’t be able to turn on the lighthouse light

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue
ISBN 978043993807

In which Mr. Grinling keeps falling asleep in the wrong places with disastrous results.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic
ISBN 978140710652

In which the boat floats away and the Grinlings are stranded. How will they get home?

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat
ISBN 9781407106519

In which Hamish the cat runs away from home.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Breakfast
ISBN 978043997934

In which the lighthouse celebrates a birthday and the Grinlings have trouble with some pirates.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Tea
ISBN 9780439979382

In which Mr. Grinling enjoys a new pastime with the help of some sharks.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas
ISBN 978043998221

In which Mr. Grinling, family and friends celebrate a stormy Christmas in the lighthouse

The Lighthouse Keeper’s New Friend
ISBN 9781407105468
(smaller format)

In which Mr. Grinling hopes to discover a mermaid but finds something else instead.

Two stories combined (smaller format with colour illustrations)

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Stories (the Lunch and the Picnic)
ISBN 9781407105789

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Adventures (the Rescue and the Catastrophe)
ISBN 9781407108759

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Tales (the Tea and the Breakfast)
ISBN 9781407108766

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Surprise ( the Cat and the Christmas)
ISBN 9781407108780


‘The Lighthouse Keeper Stories’ (unabridged) read by Jean Waggoner. A CD of the first seven stories.

Musical Play

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, a musical play for children adapted from the original by David Wood.
Performance Pack: piano/vocal score, script, audio CD with rehearsal and performance tracks.
Published by Josef Weinberger
ISMNM 570056392
ISBN 790570056392

Resources for Teachers

Read and Respond: book of ideas for writing and other activities based on The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Published by Scholastic
Key Stage One - Scottish P1-3

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